Coleman Vault 2022 Family Funday Bingo card with Monster Mash Logo
Coleman Vault 2022 Family Funday Bingo card

Attention Sponsors! 

Family Funday Business BINGO is back at The Coleman Vault's annual Trunk-Or-Treat & Car Show in Marionville, Missouri! This is a fantastic and fun way to showcase your business and encourage people to shop local.

 This year's Business BINGO is of a different variety than what you would normally see. Each business 
that participates doesn't give us money but product or gift cards and here's why.

We always need items for the Raffle and we don't mind buying the big stuff. We can still get a few sponsors for stuff like TVs and gaming systems, but we LOVE to make the combination baskets with gift cards, product, and a large variety of goodies so that winners are EXCITED to play the raffle!

How It Works: 
For a business to be on the board, each business would either donate seven or more $10-15 dollar items or three gift cards/items worth at least $25. Five of the seven or one of the three would go into the raffle baskets, while the other two products or gift cards will go into two separate baskets/pots. The winners of the Bingo Drawing will get a heck of a prize!!!!!

Think about this. If people play this bingo, they can enter as many times as they can get a line filled up and get a new card. So you get customers excited to play and keep shopping with you because, quite honestly, each pot could be worth $1000s! We will draw for that twice.

Keep People Shopping Local!

We, in return, have our baskets taken care of so, I don't have to keep bugging people to help us. Also, bakeries could donate "product" for our cake walk and two gift cards for the HUGE Sponsor Pot!

To eliminate competition between our sponsors, shoppers can pick any of the businesses from the categories, keeping their options open if they want to continue to play. They don't have to shop at a "certain one" to get a certain line.
Let's say you wanted to get a pizza one night and remembered the game was going on. You could pick from the list of pizza places participating instead of someone who isn't. This could work for ANY business!

BINGO Cards go live in July allowing shoppers to use them between July and the actual event in October. Hopefully it works wonderfully and next year we can start earlier. My overall goal (besides seeing the downtown thrive again) is to get the Trunk-Or-Treat dialed in 100% so we can also do a Patriotic themed fundraiser event in the Spring.

Thank you for your continued support on my crazy ideas!



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